Matthew Chapelle

BSc Business Management 

Matt is a Business and Management undergraduate studying at the University of Sussex and has joined the 5th Catalyst Team for his professional placement year. His previous employment in wholesale administration during his A-levels provided him with a brief insight into the working world of business. Learning from this, he decided to undertake a business degree with an opportunity to undertake a professional placement year, hoping to developing the essential skills required for the workplace, as well as the chance to meet new people, developing new contacts and enhancing his employability credibility.   

Alongside his part time work, Matt runs his own YouTube channel largely consisting of gaming content. He has managed to accumulate over six million total video views over his six-year journey and hopes to keep his channel growing throughout his time at the Sussex Innovation Centre. 

Outside of the working environment, Matt enjoys taking on different and unique activities; most notably participating in the Sussex Cuban Salsa dancing society. He also is invested in fitness and well-being by going to the gym, cycling, going on walks and even trying yoga! Overall, he is a gaming fanatic with a passion for staying fit and healthy. In the future, he wishes to be able to travel around the world, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles and of course trying as much food as possible!

Matt is privileged to be given such an amazing opportunity to be a part of a fantastic team of highly intelligent, supportive and ambitious individuals. Hoping to expand his knowledge of the world of business by exposing himself to different industries and roles, Matt anticipates a challenging yet thrilling year ahead of him. 


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