Marley Ahmed

BSc Business and Management Studies

Marley is a Business & Management undergraduate who studies at the University of Sussex and has joined the Catalyst Team for his professional placement year. He has joined the team to develop his understanding of the start-up world and gain knowledge on the different attributes needed to operate and run successful businesses. Studying Business and Economics at A level allowed him to develop a great understanding of different types of organisations that exist cohesively and provided insight into market types and opportunities.  

Now, during his undergraduate alongside expanding his theoretical knowledge of the world of business, he actively pursues different avenues to apply his learnings. This is evident in him attending a summer school course at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, where he studied entrepreneurship for new market ventures. Similarly, wanting to apply his knowledge of human resources, Marley completed a 5-week summer internship at the UK Home Office’s HR & Policy department.  

Managing a youth mentoring alumnus at a Harris Academy in South-East London demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm he feels for working within his local community, particularly with young people. Managing 6 other mentors and 18+ mentees means that time management, organisational and interpersonal skills are traits Marley has acquired over the 1+ year he has been involved in organising mentoring.  

Football, the gym & running are all things that he does to wind down and enjoys. Whether it’s watching football on the tv, playing with friends at University or at a local sports centre, he enjoys the beautiful game. (a Chelsea fan too)

Going for food & drinks is one of Marley’s favourite things to do in his free time. Burgers, Pizza’s, Pasta, Chicken; you name it. Beers or cocktails after or with food is something he appreciates. It’s something he would describe as an “elite combo”. Trying new foods, from different cultures, in different parts of London and the UK is how he likes to allocate some of his free time and spend weekends.  

Marley looks forward to his year ahead at Sussex innovation centre & is excited for the variety of opportunities to be involved in.