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​​Local Puzzle is a community-minded initiative that aims to change consumers’ shopping habits from spending in big chains stores to shopping with independent retailers, thus supporting local economies and maintaining the diversity of our towns and cities.

Local Puzzle rewards shoppers with points for uploading their receipts from independent shop purchases to their website. These points place the player on a leaderboard, with the top 100 players receiving a cash prize every two months.

Chris and Jack expanded the reach of the initiative from Horsham to Brighton and its surrounding towns by visiting local independent businesses with the end goal of signing up retailers as premium businesses. Through networking and nurturing established business relationships they were able to promote and sell its benefits, and consequently they managed to double the total number of sign-ups within months.

The other aspect of their role involved engaging with potential Puzzle players, through canvasing, promoting on University campuses and attending outreach days within local community organisations. 

After Jack’s time at Catalyst came to and end, Petra took over and carried on representing the company in the south with Chris. 
After attending several networking and events, the two Catalyst members found a new player hub in Worthing, which became their other main target after Brighton. In addition to expanding the member base of Local Puzzle, Catalyst conducted market research to better understand the values and habits of shoppers, also coming up with new marketing ideas to recruit more players. 

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