Kelly McDonald

BA English Literature and Theatre Studies

Kelly is a recent graduate from the University of Sussex with a BA in English Literature and Theatre Studies. Kelly joined the Catalyst Team to broaden her knowledge about business innovation and to learn through practical experiences of developing small businesses. Kelly’s Arts and Humanities background has provided her with valuable creative experience. Her degree involved devising theatre productions and writing extensively about different art forms. She has also volunteered with multiple theatre companies, learning about their administrative process and preparing for tours. Kelly is excited to use her creative background going into new business projects.


Kelly took advantage of the University of Sussex’ study abroad opportunities and was a student at the University of Kentucky for a year. Kelly considers this experience to be incredibly valuable to her, despite the amount of fried chicken and bourbon that was consumed! She made valuable friends from all over the world whilst she was there, learning about different cultures and life experiences. She also got to broaden her studies through modules such as Music, Film and Arts Administration – which she was thrilled about! Kelly’s fondest memory of her time in America is the travelling she had the opportunity to do. She undertook a road-trip through scenic National Parks and lively cities such as New Orleans and Nashville, this really ignited Kelly’s passion for travelling and learning about new cultures, and eating a lot of fantastic food! She hopes to travel a lot more in the future.  

Kelly is from Northern Ireland and was nervous to move to a new country, away from all her friends and family for University – but she is so glad that she did. She believes this move gave her the confidence, motivation and independence that she is proud to have today. She loves Brighton and its vibrancy. The Brighton Fringe is her favorite time of year, when she’s not watching a comedy gig or a theatre production, she can be found enjoying a craft beer in a quirky pub or watching the rugby! (Come on you boys in green!) 

Kelly is delighted to be a part of the Catalyst Team and is looking forward to developing her skill set and assisting exciting new businesses with the Sussex Innovation Centre.