Kel Alaike

BSc Chemistry

After recently graduating from the University of Sussex with a degree in Chemistry, Kel aims to build a practical understanding of startups and scale-ups. Across his three years of study his modules included Maths and Data Analysis and Strategy in Organic Synthesis to research into iterative reconstruction algorithms in Medical Imaging.

While studying Chemistry Kel was successful in winning a place on BP’s Widening Participation Program which he learnt about fuel and engine testing. In his second year, he branched out from Chemistry and joined the Trading and Consulting societies to widen his understanding and appreciation of business and economics.

In addition, before joining the Catalyst Team, Kel worked for Inset Online, another member of The Innovation Centre who focuses on facilitating face-to-face live training for their clients.

When away from work Kel enjoys staying active and ran the Dragon’s Back Trail in Hong Kong in 2017 and loves the thrill of combat sport, but would prefer to avoid being punched in the face when he’s sparring at boxing. He also enjoys discussing and debating ideas whether they’re social, political or economic to see how they will stand up against relentless criticism.

That aside, he’s currently preparing to launch a bar in Portsmouth, which he has helped take from idea to implementation, that is aimed at 18 – 25-year olds in which his role will be managing operations and strategy.

With a strong interest in entrepreneurship and a real drive to launch his own business, working with SMEs to solve their real business problems is an ideal environment for Kel. He seeks to combine the analytical side from chemistry with the knowledge from relevant experiences from both the Trading/Consulting Society and outside ventures to contribute to the success of the Catalyst Team.