Jamie-Lee Atkinson

BSc Business and Management

Recently graduating the University of Sussex with a degree in Business and Management, Jamie-Lee Atkinson has sought out the opportunity to work for the Catalyst team with the optimism of becoming enlightened to her most fitting career path through this diverse year in industry. Studying business since GCSE, a clear passion for the theory behind this subject became apparent. This alongside a consistently diligent work ethic allowed her to graduate with a First-class degree. She therefore looks forward to implementing this knowledge beyond theory, beginning the transition into a professional working environment.

Accustomed to the ‘behind the scenes’ struggles experienced by small entrepreneurial businesses, through working as a sole-charge freelance equestrian groom, as well as a freestyle dance teacher for her local dance school, Jamie-Lee hopes to be well-suited to this new role through maximising the value of minimal assets.

Beyond the hours of 9-5, Jamie-Lee’s passions have varied widely over the years, however her two longstanding interests have resided within horse riding and dancing. Owning and competing her horse for now 8 years across a range of disciplines has allowed the evolvement of her determination to succeed, through many lows and highs across her competitive career, including qualifying for the UK’s under 25’s British Dressage championships. Concurrently, Jamie-Lee also spent much of her youth, from the age of three, competing or performing at local dance competitions, shows and fetes both individually and as part of a team for ‘Aspects of Dance Academy’ within ballet, modern, tap, cheer-leading and street dance. She then went on to complete her pre-associate freestyle dance teaching qualification to share her passion with others of all ages.

Jamie-Lee is now keen to experience the challenges and opportunities the Catalyst team is ready to throw her way.

Jamie-Lee Atkinson