Jago Lock

MA Intellectual History

Jago is an Intellectual History MA graduate from the University of Sussex who has joined the Catalyst Team to bring the skills he has accrued from four years in academia to the budding start-ups at the Sussex Innovation Centre. Throughout his time at Sussex (and before that, Warwick) Jago has written on subjects as diverse as 20th Century American literature, contemporary Chinese politics and the aesthetics of Adam Smith’s philosophy (for which he achieved a first in his final dissertation).  While he enjoyed his time writing academically; Jago is keen to apply his skill set in the world of business and sees the Catalyst Team as the perfect way to take that step. 

Growing up, he has always worked at his parents’ farm shop in Cornwall and is therefore familiar with the unique struggles of small businesses. Over time, Jago took on more responsibility, visiting food festivals to find more product lines and building relationships with suppliers. More recently he has strived to bring the family business into the 21st Century, commissioning a website and managing the shop’s online and social media profile. This business savvy has always run alongside Jago’s academic pursuits, working a variety of jobs while studying; from selling fish at the farmers’ market to waiting tables at pubs. All of which brought him face to face with customers, a role in which he is very capable. 

Outside of work and study, Jago enjoys writing poetry, for which he has seen some acclaim; publishing a book with a Brighton-based poetry collective and having a poem featured in the Sussex University newspaper, The Badger. Jago also regularly performs at Brighton’s many open-mic and spoken word events, which have greatly improved his confidence and public speaking. Determined to broaden his audience, Jago has recently pushed his self-promotion online by creating a website for his creative writing with the skills he learned at a Creative Process Digital course via the University of Sussex.  

The recent pandemic saw Jago return to Cornwall to help his community by offering a free delivery service to vulnerable people. He reached out through community set-up social media groups and personally delivered to dozens of clients with only a mobile phone and his mum’s car. Jago’s efforts were recently recognised by the community when he was awarded an “Unsung Hero” award by the Sheriff of Cornwall in a (socially distanced!) ceremony.