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Inventors of the world's first digital micro coffee roaster, IKAWA coffee roasters enable you to get the best from your green beans.


After working with Alex Georgiou for the Espresso Mushroom Company, Liam found himself teaming up with Alex once again to help deliver ongoing support to the Kickstarter launch of IKAWA’s new Home Roaster.

Liam was asked to research successful Kickstarter campaigns in similar categories, building PR support for the upcoming Kickstarter and helping with the unveiling of the new Home Roaster at the London Coffee Festival and the Swedish Coffee Festival.


PR support involved contacting journalists and writers interested in the subjects of coffee or technology and trying to get IKAWA featured in print publications that would help to generate interest in the Home Roaster. Trips to the London Coffee Festival and the Swedish Coffee Festival in Gothenburg involved talking to industry experts about the Home Roasters capabilities and assisting Alex in sales support.


As IKAWA have continued to grow, Liam has been working with Head of Professional Sales Bradley Nelson to support IKAWA's sales pipeline and manage contact data from the recent SCAE Dublin World of Coffee event.


We've continued to support the team with sales administration, lead inputting and event back up.


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