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From ESD work benches and R&D workstations to storage racks and tool carts, HWS supplies technical workspace furniture to make businesses work. Scaleable, flexible and durable products sourced primarily from Sovella, the leading manufacturer of ergonomically designed, space saving workspaces.

Two catalyst members were asked to help Human Workspace with a variety of tasks.

Jack has helped improve the company’s SEO strategy, by making a still shot image video of the company’s benches being constructed. This created a genuinely valuable perk to the company’s website and can be seen by potential clients.
Nico has been working with Human Workspace for a few months, helping them improve their CRM. His role includes helping with lead generation as well as contacting the companies that Human Workspace is planning on approaching with their products. Additionally Nico is developing his skills with the software SketchUp, to provide the entire company team with a tutorial guide on how to create the desks and work spaces on SketchUp to provide clients with a visual representation of what the desks would look like in their company.

Both Jack and Nico have been appreciated immensely by the HWS team working 2 days a week with them and discussing new projects for future.


In 2018 Ionut supported a sales lead generation and social listening project, working with Claire and Joseph in the senior Sussex Innovation team,


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