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Patrick Price and Adam Bailey have combined their established professional skill sets into a joint venture company, Heads Above The Cloud, specialising in Immersive and Interactive Environments.

Heads Above The Cloud had hired a young apprentice to help with the growth of their business with a variety of roles from SEO, Social Media Marketing and general Administrative Tasks. Catalyst were approached to act as a support team for this role providing mentorship and facilitation. 

This is an ongoing project in its early stages. Catalyst are working toward creating an action plan on how best to facilitate growth for both the employees’ job satisfaction and personal development and to benefit the business by:

  • Setting realistic objectives, from social marketing strategies to timekeeping schedules

  • Developmental performance reviews and offering support and advice to best achieve these objectives

  • Facilitating communication between the in-house team

  • Providing comprehensive support and mentorship ​

Joseph has recently worked with Heads Above the Cloud, assembling a list of contacts around the estate agent industry. 

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