Hannah Howes


Hannah is a Law LLB Graduate from the University of Sussex. She has a strong interest in business law having completed elective modules during her final year including Intellectual Property and Commercial Law. Despite intending to pursue a legal career in the commercial sector, she seeks to explore the business side of her interests and develop commercial awareness through the position on the Catalyst team. Hannah hopes to utilize the skills accrued through work experience and academia to adapt to a brevity of tasks, whilst learning new skills along the way. Her analytical nature and attention to detail will lend themselves well to the world of business.

Hannah has experience in customer and client facing roles from working in retail and volunteering for a year at a national charitable advice agency. In both of these positions, she commonly applied her problem-solving abilities to the tasks at hand, whether this was to advise a client or to resolve obstacles in retail. She intends to employ her creative problem-solving abilities to tasks presented to her on the Catalyst team. During her time in retail she won an award for her dedication to customer service.

Whilst interning at an international commercial law firm in London, Hannah developed a keen interest for sustainability in business. This internship focused on researching the relevant information to transition a city from a ‘linear’ to a ‘circular economy’ model. The opportunity enabled her to engage in work outside of her comfort zone and view problems from a business perspective. She would relish the opportunity to undertake work relating to sustainability whilst at the Sussex Innovation Centre.

Having grown up in Brighton, Hannah loves the city and is not yet ready to leave (hence attending the University of Sussex and joining Sussex Innovation. When away from her Catalyst desk, Hannah enjoys the culinary delights Brighton has to offer and is often seen eating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner (sometimes all three). This interest extends to cooking and baking, causing Hannah to try out new recipes on friends and family, much to their delight! Hannah also took up running at the start of 2020 and whilst motivation flounders, she intends to enter some charity running events at the next opportunity.