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Guitarwaze is a start-up combining cutting edge motion capture technologies with expert (human) guitar playing. Their on-demand lessons are designed to be completed by novice guitar players from the comfort of their own homes, helping them to learn the fundamentals of guitar-playing and reaching a basic level of competency.  The software is completely voice-controlled, and the 3D digital images of the guitar and hands can be rotated in any plane to give the user complete control of how they learn.

Eleanor was brought into Guitarwaze to help with launching their software. She worked primarily with the founder to devise and implement the project pipeline. This primarily involved co-ordinating the team by delegating tasks, scheduling regular meetings to talk through and solve any issues, and finally ensuring that everyone was on schedule to meet the deadlines. Eleanor also lead the marketing on this project. Her re-vamp of the Guitarwaze website included doing extensive SEO work on Wix, liaising with the social media team by creating new visual content and sourcing relevant materials and helping to create Facebook adverts that asked members of the public to sign up as Beta-testers. She also worked with the head programme to test the software in house, before devising projects for the beta-testers to complete and give feedback on. Eleanor enjoyed learning about the processes involved in getting a start-up off the ground, and is looking forward to seeing the project go live on Indiegogo for their crowdfunding campaign.


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