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Our Clients

Founded in 2007, GIROUX has grown from a business and financial modelling firm to become a leading UK strategic analytics and business intelligence consultancy. GIROUX helps organisations establish the right performance information environment and drive sustainable breakthrough operational performance, in line with their strategic objectives and risk mitigation strategies.

Isabelle created a long list of approximately 80 prospects to target. She then interviewed 8 prospects, these interviews were used for two purposes:


  • To deepen understanding of the key customer needs relating to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to build more successful marketing and sales tactics

  • To build relationships with these potential customers and nurture these relationships to be able to contact them at a later stage to introduce their services

Isabelle contacted targets across the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical/biotech, manufacturing and retail logistic sectors.  It proved valuable for GIROUX to gain insights from different perspectives across a multitude of sectors.


In 2018 Billy started to work with the team, now based in Croydon, two days a week supporting the team with business administration and sale support. 


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