Our Clients

Founded in 2007, G!ROUX has grown from a business and financial modelling business to become a leading performance analytics and business intelligence consultancy.


G!ROUX helps MGAs and Capacity Providers by developing a bespoke analytics environment to streamline the analytics process enhancing their client’s operational performance.


In 2017 Isabelle assisted the team in Business Development by building a pipeline of 80 prospects in which she interviewed 8. Within these interviews she;


  • Developed a deeper understanding of the key customer needs relating to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. G!ROUX leveraged this insight to build more successful marketing and sales tactics.

  • Nurtured lead relationships in order for G!ROUX to introduce their services to warm leads.


Isabelle also entered communication with targets across the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail/logistic sectors. G!ROUX used this information to improve their product market fit.


In 2018, Billy begun working with the team based in Croydon. Initially supporting the team with business administration and sales support he then begun to apply his quantitative skills in database design. Post catalyst, Billy is now the lead engineer at G!ROUX.


In 2019-20, Kel started by helping the team with managing their clients’ data-load as their volume of business began to increase drastically, he then became more involved in ticket resolution and responsible for delivering key pieces of work such as client Outward Bordereaux.


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