Felix Cambouropoulos

BSc Marketing and Management with Psychology

Felix is a placement year student who has completed two years of his undergraduate degree, Marketing Management with Psychology at the University of Sussex. He joined the Catalyst team to implement and improve upon his professional application of knowledge and theory. His degree covers a wide variety of areas including, international marketing and leading groups and teams. Felix finds the Psychology side of marketing very interesting as it links many aspects of his degree through unseen processes.

In his first year of university, he took part in the Sussex business challenge. This allowed him to work in a team under time pressure to produce marketing strategies for hypothetical situations, which he then had to pitch to industry experts. Felix enjoyed this style of developing skills and later used them in a marketing competition for Asos, to bring in new and repeat customers. This real-world experience helped him decide that he would like to work for interesting companies and spurred him to join the Catalyst team. At Catalyst, Felix aims to learn more about a diverse set of companies that challenge him to find new and innovative ways to help businesses function.

Felix’s previous employment in hospitality and site management has set him up for a career in managing tasks and a passion for problem-solving. He has had several jobs in these fields including bartending and IT installation, providing him with communication, interpersonal and teamworking skills that advanced both his academic studies and work-life balance.  Felix feels grateful for the experiences these have provided and is ready to explore a more corporate side of business dynamics.

Outside of work Felix enjoys relaxing with water sports such as surfing and sailing, it’s a good way to unwind although it can be less than blissful in the freezing sea! He has competed in sailing regattas to varying degrees of success but is always up for the challenge. He also enjoys returning to his family holiday business where he has the most responsibility and can access all parts of the business. One of Felix’s social goals is to spend a few months travelling around Asia with friends on bikes (when that kind of holiday is possible again)!