BA American Studies and English

Eva is a recent American Studies and English graduate from the University of Sussex. Fostering a passion for reading, she wished to study American Literature alongside British which opened her eyes to American History. The literature and history of America proved to be an incredibly poignant and riveting course of study both academically and politically, due to a strong family history rooted in the country. Eva also received the chance to study abroad in her third year, where she attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This further nourished her interests and offered the perfect opportunity for traveling a vast and complex country.


Her previous employment was primarily centred in hospitality which panned over six years. This experience developed her ability to work in a team, shed light on the highs and lows of customer service and simultaneously the equally important difference between a Mojito and a Mai Tai. Eva has developed a strong love of working with people and seeks to develop these skills and interests in the Catalyst Team. During her final year of University, Eva also worked for Class Of Their Own as an afterschool playleader around Brighton and Hove. Working with children was totally out of Eva’s comfort zone, yet with persistence, she grew to love the job. However, she decided it was time to bring together her employment experience into the Catalyst Team.



Out of work, Eva enjoys a range of hobbies. Finding and testing new recipes are a constant source of enjoyment, even if that cake just won’t rise… persistence is key. In her spare time, Eva is an avid poet who recently performed at the Sussex Poetry Festival in June 2018 to a supportive audience of alumni and former English professors. Music is also a central passion for Eva; you can find on any given playlist a wide array of artists that even she herself cannot explain the connection. However, if soul or Motown are in the mix then you know it’s probably her ‘most played songs’ playlist. Shockingly, however, her years as a chorister did not turn her into the Etta James of the twenty-first century, but she nonetheless persists. 



Eva is keen to set upon a new journey of discovery and development through the Catalyst Programme in which she seeks to learn about her favourite areas of business, moving her skills from the world of academia into the world of business. Her future career path is an open book, which she strives to fill through inspiration from the Sussex Innovation Centre.


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