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Espresso Mushroom Company are a group of coffee drinking food lovers bringing you the ultimate in fresh, home-grown and sustainable products on a plate.

Based in a barn on the fringe of the South Downs National Park, the Espresso Mushroom Company started out by growing Oyster Mushrooms on used coffee grounds and supplying them to restaurants, green grocers and shops around the area. They have now expanded into selling grow-your-own mushroom, salad and tea kits across the UK and internationally through their website.
Catalyst member Isabelle offered marketing support by helping create original content for the EMC website. Curating weekly blog posts and newsletters, as well as administrating competitions and managing communications through the company email enquiries inbox. She also took on the responsibility of order processing, administrating orders for processing and shipment. Isabelle’s involvement in turn meant the company founders were free to focus on other areas of their business.

Catalyst team member Liam supported the Espresso Mushroom Company’s sales coordination. Liam spent two months at the company’s farm manually packaging 1000’s of Christmas orders, taking stock control over the range of Espresso’s products, completing tax returns for the company and individual expense returns for their employees. He processed orders from a range of avenues, ensuring deliveries’ were sent out correctly and on time. He also managed inboxes for the company, responding to enquiries, customer queries and order related issues.


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