BSc Business and Management (hons)

Ellen recently graduated from The University of Sussex with a degree in Business and Management having moved from Folkestone to Brighton in pursuit of a new challenge, a new environment, and the chance to apply the skills she had already learnt through her educational and professional career to the business world.

One of Ellen’s biggest interests is kickboxing, and she trains at the local martial arts club regularly. After taking up the sport as a fresher, Ellen eventually became president of the University of Sussex Kickboxing club. A role that saw Ellen overseeing the running and management of both the club and its members.

Having spent the past few years working as a receptionist in a local hotel, a job that does not come without its challenges, Ellen decided it was time to step away from the familiarity of her daily routine and make the next step into the world of business by joining the Catalyst team. 

An organized, efficient, and highly creative individual, Ellen hopes to use this opportunity to put the skills learnt at university to the test, discover new industries and roles she hadn’t previously considered, and learn more about running a business with the aim of opening new doors and preparing herself for whatever comes next. 


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