Eleanor Clapp

BA Music

Eleanor is a recent graduate from the University of Sussex whose degree in Music brought her to Sussex from the unknown lands of Shropshire. Music has been Eleanor’s passion since the age of 13. Having played the Clarinet since the age of seven, she decided to join a few music groups ‘to supplement’ her active lifestyle and outdoor pursuits. It was with her school Chamber Choir and Orchestra that Eleanor discovered an overwhelming passion and sense of community within music, which led her down the rabbit-hole of studying musical history, performance and composition in Brighton. In addition to in-depth analytical research for her dissertation, Eleanor’s degree in Music allowed her to study and develop her compositional skills. Her final year portfolio included a reflective work for two choirs to be performed in the University of Sussex’s circular Meeting House during the Autumn Equinox. The work draws inspiration from the changing colours of the stain glass windows as the sun moves around the building.

Surprisingly, Eleanor’s favourite part of the degree was not spent studying Music, but Behavioural Economics! In the summer of her second year, Eleanor decided once again push herself and try something new and decided that the perfect way to do this was to spend five weeks in Croatia at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. It was her experiences here that kindled her interest in the business sector, and ultimately influenced her decision to apply for a job within the Catalyst Team at the Sussex Innovation Centre.


Outside of work and the world of Music, Eleanor enjoys a range of hobbies. Life is mostly centred around good food and being active. In addition to making and inventing new recipes for bread, curries and anything else that sounds nice, Eleanor has most recently taken to growing her own herbs, tomatoes and chillies. There is nothing more satisfying than spreading some homemade chilli jam on a fresh loaf of traditional Ligurian focaccia. Hours spent accumulating good research, and knowledge of preparation and methodology is key for when it all starts to… form a different identity to what the recipe entailed!


Eleanor is keen to continue to work hard and find new opportunities during her time with the Catalyst Team. She is seeking to learn useful skills through hands-on experience working with a range of people and businesses. In return, Eleanor hopes to transfer the range of skills developed from her musical and academic careers to the world of business, where they can be of service to others.