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Do Something Different designs online behavioural change programmes for businesses and individuals and works across the spectrum of public health initiatives.

Luke was initially asked to support DSD’s Smoke Free Me project, a smoking cessation initiative commissioned by the Brighton Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS). He helped run an offline marketing campaign over the summer by attending significant community events to promote awareness of the brand. Through running these outreach days across Brighton and Hove, brand awareness and initiative participation has been distinctly raised in the local area.

Ella continued Catalyst's relationship with Do Something Different by identifying key personnel within the public sector and approaching them regarding the conducting of insight interviews. This involved arranging phone calls with Head of Digital or Employee Wellbeing Managers within health insurance companies, the NHS and Universities, followed by leading interviews with key personnel and presenting the findings back to DSD.

​In May 2016, Chris and Petra took over Luke’s role in business development while Luke was away for a few months. At the time the company was going through various organisational changes, and the focus shifted from generating business in the public health sector to targeting large corporations and SMEs. This shift meant Petra and Chris have been working primarily in lead generation finding and qualifying new prospects, running LinkedIn and email marketing campaigns aiming to increase the amount of qualified leads and moving them down the sales pipeline.

Do Something Different have published a White Paper - Workplace wellbeing 2016: An insight from industry leaders. You can read the full paper here

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