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“Working with Emma has been an absolute dream! She’s been the sounding board I desperately needed as a solo entrepreneur. She’s been my biggest cheerleader, and a real driving force behind the scenes at Saviour Skin. I loved working with her from day one - she immediately understood our target market and ways to engage with them. Throughout our time working together, I have been really impressed with Emma’s creative copywriting and her ability to communicate with our audience. Her passion for learning new things, and willingness to get stuck in really stood out to me, alongside her positive attitude and enthusiasm for whatever the task at hand.”


Rebecca Fitzgerald, Founder- Saviour Skin

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"Working with Ade has been a pleasure. He is a pro-active team member and an innovative thinker. He is helpful and motivated with good communication skills. Ade has assisted us with building and analysing marketing campaigns and constructing a new website. Ade has been able to increase website traffic to 8.5k views in the last month. His help has been invaluable as we pivoted from a bricks and mortar business to on-line. I highly recommend Ade. "


Nicola Morris & Alex Goodman, Founder- Goodman Morris


“Insight Agents has worked with the Catalyst team for more than five years now, sometimes for ongoing sales and marketing support, sometimes for specific projects. Six different business support executives have helped us in many different ways. Most recently we were introduced to the most excellent Hannah Howes. Hannah helped to develop and enhance a focused and on-brand marketing strategy for a new venture - a new training app we’ve developed called DATAacademy and the first training course on the app, Data+Story. She then went on to create a range of marketing collateral for the app, from web copy to course certification, social media cards to this candid and helpful user journey blog. All of the content hits the spot.


"Like all our experiences with Catalyst, we found again that a well-constructed brief unlocks excellent talent in such a client-friendly way. Lots of external resource claims to be able to turn talent on like a tap. In our experience, only Catalyst actually delivers."


Sam Knowles, Founder & MD- Insight Agents

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"Marley is a proactive self-starter and brought concerted effort to all work, adding value with their specific skills in Marketing on social media and through research. Social media improved on many fronts including greater interaction, measurable follower growth and a stickier audience. In a team, Marley is easy to get on with and communicates clearly, an example of which would be working well in a pair to write an article, which he got stuck into early on without any issues."


James Bowyer, Founder-

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"The Catalyst Team have helped with our social media and quickly took over when due to ill health, our existing provider was unable to continue working with us.  It’s a great flexible resource and both Leya and Jamila have been a pleasure to work with.   A professional and friendly, efficient service that I am pleased to recommend."


Helen Colechin, MD - HR Dept.

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“Catalyst has been a great discovery and if you are a small business or team it offers a simple way to dip your toe into employing extra help. GOOD KOFFEE gained a valuable and enthusiastic member of the Catalyst team, Isthiak, who helped us engage our successful crowdfunding campaign. I’d be keen to explore the teams wider potential and see how it can help us further.”

Chris. Founder & GOOD guy. GOOD KOFFEE

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"I have been working with Leya and the Catalyst team on my Empowerment Movement I Can I am and I Will.
We have been working to produce some quantitative research for the movement, Leya has been great to work with she has really understood and added a valued opinion to the work we have done.
She has been a valued member of the team"


Louis Byrne, Founder - I Can, I Am and I Will


"Brighton Chamber has used the Catalyst team in lots of ways. 

The team are part of the Brighton Summit conferences and stage-manage the rooms throughout the day. They have carried out a successful research project for the Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign

for the last three years with great results. One of the team has stepped in when we have

had a gap in staffing and they have helped on several data entry projects when accuracy

has been essential. Need I say more, they are a valuable resource.

Sarah Springford, CE - Brighton Chamber

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"Eva from SINC has been helping out with our Community Management and

content marketing activities. Her friendly and professional manner is a real asset

that ensures the Filmstro 'voice' is represented amongst ongoing users and potential

customers. Having a younger point of view is an added bonus and keeps ideas fresh.


I rely on the SINC staff for a number of support activities,

but this one is core and I'm very grateful to have found Eva - a great fit for our brand!

Seb Jaeger, Founder - Filmstro

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"The Catalyst team have made a real and significant contribution to the work of the Careers & Employability Centre. Matt and Tamzin have undertaken a wide range of research and data projects that have enabled us to improve our services to employers, and ultimately enhance the student experience. We have been very impressed by their professionalism and ability to fit in, and the speed of their work! They quickly became valued members of the CEC team and, as Matt is a placement student and Tamsin a recent graduate, they provided us with invaluable insights that have benefited our overall work. They have also actively demonstrated the fantastic contribution our students can make to the local business community.”

Andrea Wall - Careers & Employability Centre

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“The research SINC conducted on behalf of Madgex has helped immensely and provided a real insight into the various sectors we’re looking to grow within.  It has also proved a huge time saver and the data provided has been very accurate and thorough.”

Louis Dixon, Business Development Manager - EMEA

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"One of the projects Lauren did for us was our Learning Academy, and she delivered a fantastic result with some basic guidance. Our customers are using it now and they love it! Without her, we probably wouldn't have got that live. That is a specific thing that without her input probably would still be sat on the shelf but is now being used by our customers - adding a lot of value."


Andrew Heath, Founder - WeThrive 

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"Giles was amazing when it came to improving our website with a new look and additional features. The site is now mobile friendly, has no more usability issues, has improved SEO and is receiving better feedback from our customers. Having no experience in web design, it was great to be able to outsource this work where it was completed quickly, to a high standard and at a very competitive price"

Molly Masters, Founder - Books That Matter

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"RaceNation have worked with various members of the Catalyst team over the last few years and are very happy with the support provided. We have given them a varied task list, ranging from sales prospecting, new business, admin, reporting, client set up and relationship management.


All members we have worked with have been quick to pick up our business and have moulded very well with the rest of the team, especially with us having offices and staff in multiple locations.


I would definitely recommend the Catalyst team to any company that needs cost-effective support, without the risk of a full time hire that startups and small businesses can sometimes do without." 


Will Golder, Head of Sales 

“My business is self-funded, so at the time I needed to launch I didn’t have the luxury of hiring all the staff I needed. But with the help of Catalyst, I had the flexibility and the experienced team I needed to launch my business on time.


We have created a marketing strategy together and I have delegated the initial marketing activities to Joseph and the team as I focus on other areas of getting my business launched. Joseph has surpassed my expectations in the quality of work and results he has produced, and I value the business partnership created with Joseph and the Catalyst team.


I’m not sure how I would have launched my business without them.”


Gavin Sandells – Founder, Vanuse

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"Studybugs is involved in a nationwide public health project aiming to improve treatment of asthma in children, and the Catalyst team have achieved fantastic results in promoting the project to schools and parents across the UK.

Ben and Owen have brought the intelligence and tenacity that the task definitely requires – they have been a pleasure to work with!"

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- Jeremy Mabbitt – Co-Founder & Managing Director, Studybugs

"Catalyst has allowed us to call upon increased human resources at important growth moments whilst limiting risk.


Liam quickly learned our products, our customers and struck the right tone with everyone he spoke with - excelling at a trade event in Germany.


Not only was it a success professionally, he was a pleasure to be around and represented the team perfectly.


I would recommend Catalyst to anyone."


- Bradley Nelson -

Head of Sales, IKAWA

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“Like many smaller businesses our sales-and-marketing activities are among many priorities competing for limited resource. The Catalyst resource enables us to ensure that we are consistently presenting the KnowCo message to our target audience, regularly reminding them of our products and services, and taking all available opportunities to build and deepen relationships. We’ve only recently established the modus operandi for this, but the benefits are already obvious in terms of reach and profile, and we know that revenue will follow. Using the Catalyst team is a cost-effective way of implementing and fully maintaining a fit-for-purpose CRM system, which is absolutely key to growth in a very competitive arena. And Joseph thinks deeply about what we’re trying to do, and adds useful insights and ideas of his own – he’s become one of the KnowCo team.”


- Paul Ashton – Head of Consulting, KnowCo

"We've worked with the Catalyst team quite extensively in the past few months. As company with a small team, we have benefited greatly from being able to call upon Catalyst members to help on our day-to-day activities. We've worked with Catalyst on several projects together - from web development and app maintenance to marketing and PR. Catalyst has - and continues to be - a very valuable resource for us."


- Anna Sward - Founder, Protein Pow

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“I would go as far to say that without Catalyst's support we would not have got to where we are today.”

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- Phil Hawkins, Director & Co-Owner, Colour Me Social

“The Catalyst Team's personable and professional approach unlocked important contributions from renowned thought leaders in the clinical research industry.”

- Alistair Crombie, Managing

Director, One Research

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“The research conducted on our behalf by Catalyst with industry leaders have given us excellent marketing content as well as helped to secure meetings with organisations that might not have engaged otherwise.

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Bringing a research angle rather than a straightforward sales focus to the conversation has helped us enter into meaningful conversations with these prospective clients. We’ve found them to be highly skilled and willing to learn and explore new ways of working. They've all made an invaluable contribution to building our client network and helped to create new innovative processes that will support DSD in generating leads in a smart way in future.”

- Ronel Erasmus – Partner, Do Something Different

“Between SInC’s Catalyst and Maven Rocket, a startup Adwords agency, most of our marketing function (and so much more) is taken care of. Working with Catalyst and other start-ups has helped us get a lot for a manageable cost. It has also surrounded us by a lot of bright people who love getting involved in our business.”

- Alex Sullivan – Co-Founder, Be Street Smart

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“Thank you for the work you did with the new Baker Wanless website. We have been getting very good feedback on the new website and its content which is proving to be very beneficial. Having a mobile enabled site with a fully integrated content management system is proving to be very useful, and also proving to be a key marketing tool to help us compete for new business.

Once again, many thanks  for your help and support throughout the entire process.”

- Terri Hudson - Founder,

Baker Wanless

 “Working with Catalyst team has been a pleasure, their young consultants get to work with professionalism and drive that far outstrips their emerging experience in the working world. Nothing but impressed with their attitude and ability to just get the job done! I am sure their management needs to take a little credit for this too.”


Anthony Stonham - Founder,

Local Puzzle

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“When you start your own business money, time and resources are tight. Catalyst took time to understand my brand direction and teamed me up with Petra - a great fit. After a brain storming session, Petra worked on various projects for me that were vital to both the growth and marketing of my company, delivering excellent work.”

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- Chris Gomez – Founder, Dry Patch

“The Catalyst team has been extremely useful to us. It has allowed us to complete some key areas of research that have otherwise never quite made it to the top of our to-do list. It means we have an extra resource available on demand, and at an affordable rate.

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The Catalyst team is very competent, and we have no hesitation in handing over work to be done. A side-effect benefit has been that because they know about us and what we do in great detail, they have provided introductions to us from SiNC networking events that we were unable to attend.”


- Tommy Newman – Founder, Thrivo

"Catalyst has met our need to enable a flexible resource and also minimise time spent on managing the more administrative day-to-day elements entailed"

- Alex Georgiou – Co-Founder, Espresso Mushroom Company

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“I’ve had some practical support from the Catalyst Team in the form of two projects. The first was a market research piece, interviewing previous customers, in which they were really good at talking to both past and current customers and providing me with the feedback. The second project was a review of SME Needs marketing and a comparison with competitors."

- Nigel Davey -


SME Needs

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“The opportunity to access support from smart interns like Jon Alderman is allowing Near You Now to accelerate our product launch plans for a new digital news media product. Jon has now taken full responsibility for one of the key elements of the product and is an important part of the team working towards this launch.”

- Anthony Sheehan – Founder, Near You Now

Near You Now Logo

“We've enjoyed having a fresh enthusiastic member join the team that has given us the opportunity to reflect on several aspects of our business.”

- Jon Rimmer, Co-Founder, Tribe Hive

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“We've had a number of people from the Catalyst Team and they've all been intelligent, flexible and engaged from day one. The Catalyst model has given us the agility we need to respond to different client needs, grow our marketing activities and develop new sales processes. I would highly recommend them.”

Do Something Different Logo

- Ant Bullock – Partner, Do Something Different

“As a dynamic boutique business, Insight Agents’ staffing needs are unpredictable. The flexibility and adaptability of the Catalyst scheme is manna from heaven for us, with the provision of high-calibre, fast-learning team members at little notice.


But what’s more, our investment of time and resource in the scheme (and Luke) over the past year has enabled us to develop a shorthand and way of working with a key new team member, without needing to take on full-time team members ahead of revenue. To be recommended.”

- Sam Knowles –


Insight Agents

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“I have worked with the Catalyst Team extensively over the last year. Originally I used Catalyst to organise and rationalise data, but as I developed a working relationship with Liam, this was extended. Liam worked one day a week for UMG in all aspects of our business, from researching to branding and marketing a new product, sales calls, financial modelling and business administration. The programme was flexible, not only for myself but for Liam, and I would recommend Catalyst highly.”

- Tony Hills – Founder, UMG Uchida

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