Chris Campbell

BA International Development

Chris grew up in a family that relocated regularly; first from the UK to Jamaica and then to Kenya, Cambodia, and Myanmar.  For the most part, he is grateful for the broad social and cultural exposure that this lifestyle afforded him. On the other hand, he finds answering the question “where are you from?” to be surprisingly angst-ridden and exhausting, as it usually leads to an in-depth explanation of his life story. 

Chris pursued a degree in International Development as an undergraduate, which is the study of how and why societies evolve and interact, as well as the common obstacles they face. This choice of study coalesced well with his personal background and taste for variety.  He graduated with upper second-class honours, having narrowly missed out on a distinction. 


Chris proudly embraces the typecast of ‘quixotic, young graduate’ and hopes that he forever remains committed to the loftiest and remotest of ideas.  That said, he acknowledges that he needs practical experience to ground both his musings and career prospects. 



The Catalyst Team at the Sussex Innovation Centre was the perfect fit in this regard. To him, it represents an opportunity to work with people who don’t have much time to philosophise as they have dreams to fulfill and bills to pay. He is also looking forward to being challenged by the intense but varied work of the Catalyst Team.  


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