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Who doesn’t love an ‘All About Me’ Day?!

At the end of my first week working as a Catalyst Team Member, our whole team got together for the first time – socially distanced of course! This included our Croydon Team of, Emma, Jamila and Marley coming down to join the rest of us in Falmer. We were excited all week to find out more about each other in our at our ‘All About Me’ day. This would involve us all doing presentations on our lives up until this point, our likes and dislikes, our friends and family and our hopes and aspirations! We were divided into different rooms but connected through Zoom. We soon noticed some suspect items on the boardroom table – spaghetti, string, scissors and marshmallows. Simon appeared over Zoom and in

A Fresh Start

Awakening on my first day to go to a real life job – it felt like I was still dreaming! After a very unpredictable final year of university ending in lockdown, I was really excited to go back to the University of Sussex campus and begin a new chapter. Friends and family kept asking me how I felt on the run up to starting my job, and all I could answer each time was – “Excited!!” But the day had come and the nerves had decided to set in. I awoke at 7am and began getting ready, having a good breakfast and making myself look professional – something I hadn’t done since my interview! I was really excited to have a proper routine and structure, to feel like I had a purpose after what felt like a

Are you ready?

8th September. Day 1. It feels like a new year. A fresh start. 6:12am. It felt like my alarm clock was screaming at me. Working from home for around 6 months means if you start at 9am, you can wake up anytime just before 8:30am. A quick breakfast, shower, dressing and jumping on a call. Or, if you are last minute, just before 9am. Being an extrovert, I thrive off in-person communication. So, although this new opportunity and experience was fulfilling, it also showed me something I deeply missed, the office. 7:18am. Breakfast. A mixed berries smoothie, 2 slices of 50/50 toast & porridge. I had done my usual morning routine and now I was putting my clothes on, a shirt, jumper, trousers and my

Being and Becoming

I knew my student life would expire someday, but I also cannot believe I’m no longer a student. ‘Welcome to adulthood’, they say right? Catching the train at 8:20am from central London to East Croydon to start my first real full-time job after graduating from university was a bit daunting. Firstly, because student life has made waking up at 7am SO unfamiliar to me and secondly, because the new COVID ‘norm’ left the train rather empty (although I am glad I didn’t experience the morning rush hour that everyone dreads). The first day nerves had kicked in a week or so before I’d even started, just because I didn’t really know what to expect from a full-time office job, as all my previous roles h

Into The Unknown

After being at home for five months during lockdown, buying a worryingly large number of wrong sized shirts and a loud 6am alarm, the new chapter of my life as a Catalyst Business Support Executive had finally begun. My nerves were also mixed with feelings of excitement as I got myself ready for the day ahead. I put on my new work clothes, had a light breakfast, and set off on the bus for campus. As I was the first one to move into my accommodation, our house had no Wi-Fi so the bus journey gave me a brief opportunity to facetime my parents before the big day ahead. As it was my first day I made sure to arrive in good time, getting to campus for 8:30. An environment I was usually so familiar

New Beginnings

I laid uncomfortably in bed, bright-eyed and apprehensively waiting for my phone alarm to ring and instruct me to start my day. ‘6am 10-minute run’ was marked in my phone notes in an organized attempt to relieve some of the cortisol built up from a restless sleep worrying about my first day. I admit that the lead up to my new job at Sussex Innovation had been two weeks filled with angst and nervous tension that had primarily manifested in a hysterical panic about what clothes appropriately met the ‘smart/casual’ brief. As a naturally early riser, my morning routine had not been disturbed by the chaotic changes brought about by the global pandemic even though I had seen friends wake up gradua

Time to SINC My Teeth In

I had been anticipating this day from the moment I started university. Whilst I have always looked forward to this moment, once I graduated, I felt a sudden rush of worry. Everything I had worked for over the past few years had culminated to this point; it was now time for my dream to become a reality. After a night of preparation and panic, I woke up early ready to begin life as a graduate. My first task of the day was to get to the office earlier than asked, they say you should start as you mean to go on and I was keen to make a good impression on my first day. As I left home to catch the bus, I realised the bus wouldn’t get me there at the time I had targeted. I then decided to take an Ub

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