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A Whole New Book

Getting a seat on the bus had become a novelty during my time at the University of Sussex; seeing the double-decker read “sorry bus full” as it drove past me and my ticket that I was ready to scan, or boarding a cramped 25 on my way to a 9am seminar had both become the norm. However, this morning as I sat as one of the few passengers, I was able to gather my thoughts for the day ahead. Having spent months at home throughout lockdown, I was excited that my day finally had a purpose. (That’s not as melancholic as it sounds; there’s only so many times you can re-watch The Office from your bed whilst eating Pot Noodles, so I was glad to be on my way to a real office to hopefully make a real diff

Change has arrived...

Early mornings had been particularly foreign to me over the past 6 months. Partly because of the lax university lifestyle I had adopted, and partly because coronavirus had me stuck inside for several months. But the day had arrived, August 11th and it was finally time to venture out and start my new job. I could feel the odd mixture of excitement and nerves before I started. I kept thinking ‘wow, this is really a whole new chapter of my life’. Having only worked part-time in offices before, I was daunted by the idea that I’d be having a real impact on these small businesses. I kept thinking, ‘I don’t even know anything, how am I supposed to help these people?’ Nevertheless, I knew I had plac

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