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The Right Fit

First day nerves are an inevitability, I tell myself as I stand ironing my shirt, fresh out the packet, on the morning of my first day on the Catalyst Team. The shoes are new too, stiff biting leather, and I struggle to button the corduroys; unworn, I think, since graduation (a consequence of lockdown, I fear). I feel uncomfortable, not just because of the ill-fit, but because I’m more used to wearing oilers and aprons than shirts and jackets. I feel slightly fraudulent, as though my new co-workers will sense that a working-class Cornish boy isn’t cut out for this kind of job. I recall conversation with my family, trying to explain what “content creation” is, to little effect. I tell myself

The 'Welcome Onboard' Day

Day 1. It’s a misty morning with the sun timidly hiding behind the clouds. The car-park lot is empty. The road is empty too. Then, I enter the Sussex Innovation Centre and my journey into the unknown begins… Indeed, my first workday haven’t begun with me mysteriously entering my placement year workplace... The day, in fact, started much earlier. I woke up at 6 am (very unusual, bearing in mind those never-ending Covid-19 days, where you never know whether it’s morning or afternoon, workday or the weekend). I managed to catch the 8:01 train and was at the campus an hour before my induction day. “Oh, well… maybe that was way too early,” I thought, stepping outside the train, gazing at the stud

See you on the other side!

Like so many young people, I left university with a degree in a subject I truly love, but not even a hint of an idea of where I wanted to go next. It is sometimes rather easy to feel lost amidst an ocean of similarly educated, skilled and experienced graduates all vying for the same opportunities. What’s more, it’s becoming seemingly commonplace to dismiss the success of a job posting as just ‘sheer luck’, as if in solidarity with those who as of yet have been unsuccessful in their own search. The Catalyst scheme recognises that many young graduates and placement students are highly driven individuals with talents and skills who have not yet been exposed to the all-essential experience requi

My First day

My birthday… And First day The morning of my first day began with a rude awakening from my blaring phone with all the reminders set for that day! With a restless night’s sleep, it wasn’t easy to get up, but I was excited for my first day and so grabbed what I needed and headed for the door. I knew I was going to be the first member of the new catalyst team and so I was intrigued to see how I would fit in without the team I’d be working with. On the bus it was evident that the city was still quiet due to the corona-virus and I made great time, as a result, I had to slow my roll on the walk up (being almost half an hour early). The university campus was abandoned which was an eerie sight, but

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