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Cracking on at Brighton Chamber's 2019 Summit

If you work with Brighton businesses, I’m sure you know of the Chamber. However, if you haven’t come across them already, Brighton Chamber is a dynamic and supportive membership organisation for businesses of all sizes. Each year they run the ‘Brighton Summit’, which is an opportunity for all their 400 members to come together for a day of collaboration, networking and enlightenment. This year the theme was ‘Crack On’, where the day inspired members to embrace their challenges and crack on with their business ventures. Every year the Catalyst Team volunteers to support the event. This was the fourth year of volunteers to date. For a Catalyst member, this day entailed being a room monitor for

Black History Month 2019

I get excited for this month every year, not just because of TV guides sudden influx of movies, documentaries and shows about the Black experience, but because it encourages the whole country to remember the moments and people who transformed history. It invites everyone to celebrate, inspire and promote Black British achievers. This is especially important as Black British History often falls under the radar. The very first UK Undergraduate course in Black Studies began enrolment in Birmingham City University just in 2017, studying the African and Caribbean diaspora’s experience and contribution to society. This is one of the first of its kind in our country, highlighting how important this

Mindfulness at Work

We all know work can get incredibly overwhelming with seemingly endless phone calls, meetings, emails and presentations every day. With World Mental Health day approaching, it’s important to remember to destress at work. A solution to this is mindfulness techniques, which can help improve your mood, job satisfaction and productivity at work. But can you fit in time to destress? Here are three simple tips that can easily fit into your work schedule, but more importantly help you deal with stress in your workplace: Single task life Although it’s impressive presenting yourself as a multi-tasker-master on your CV, in the reality of the working world it’s best to do one task at a time. Through do

My First Day... Last Team Member!

Finally, it was the 1st of October... The nerve-wracking excitement didn’t help for a good night’s sleep but nonetheless, I was ready and out the door with plenty of time ahead of me, or so I thought. Not only was it my first day as a Catalyst Team Member, it was also the first day of University for many students and as I struggled for a place on the very full buses towards campus, after three attempts I eventually got on. Once on campus, as my friends were heading to their lectures, it hit me that I was no longer going to be a student for a whole year. I headed off up the hill towards the Sussex Innovation Centre, in a usually unknown area of students on campus. However, as the last challen

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