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Millennial's and Gen Z: Why What We Do Matters

Times are changing. Homo-Sapiens appeared 300,000 years ago. Since then, 15,000 generations of humans have come and gone. But check this, us Millennials and Gen-Z will be the last to remember the world before the internet. Not to say that’s a bad thing. The Internet has completely revolutionised our society and now there are practically no barriers to information. Before the Internet, we relied on print for knowledge, such as maps, cookbooks, encyclopedias and dictionaries. (Insert flashbacks of lost marks to Wikipedia references). Since then, there have been leaps in scientific and technological innovation. Instant Messaging, Video Calling, location services, Social Media and e-commerce wou

My First Day: A chance to give back to my community

The 3rd of September could not have come around any faster! It feels like a lifetime ago I was stressing over my dissertation, what to wear at graduation and making sure that I don’t trip on that graduation stage! I spent the summer travelling and relaxing, but even the beaches of Miami couldn’t keep me away from adult life! But here we are. My first day! I’m officially a full-time working woman! I was shocked to be accepted as a catalyst team member as my degree in Criminology and Sociology is parallel to that of business. I had so many people tell me that I had to become a police officer after getting my degree, but I knew that the uniform would do nothing for my figure! I remember searchi

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