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A Change Of Perspective

As a final year undergraduate, the question of ‘what to do next?’ proved to be one of my biggest challenges. Despite the large workload given over the Christmas break, I couldn’t focus on my degree. As well as juggling assignments and my dissertation, my mind raced with questions of post-university. I was aware of the looming presence of my future, and what I should be doing when I graduate. I poured over the list of graduate jobs advertised on Careerhub, still unclear of what my path should be. As a humanities student you can often be shoehorned into teaching or further education. As a young graduate I did not feel I had enough experience of life outside of education. Thus, the Catalyst Tea

A Whole New World

The 20th of August has arrived, the student bubble has burst, and I have officially entered the world of full-time work. The lead up to this day has been filled with the conventional nerves but also excitement and intrigue. Since reading the Catalyst Team Member job description and applying in mid-January I completed my dissertation, finished working at my main part-time job and have graduated. From the moment I read the job description and explored the Catalyst website, including the list of small businesses and start-ups that I may have the opportunity to work with, I felt a sense of intrigue and wanted to know more. It was great to find out during my interview that I could have the chance

And so, it begins...

Waking up with the dreaded first day nerves, my commute to work this morning was slowly filled with a myriad of what-ifs flying around in my head. The past few months had been spent eagerly awaiting the commencement of my first professional job, which after managing to successfully hold down not one, but two zero-hour contract jobs during my university studies seemed like a dream come true. However, as I pulled into the car park, my partner turned to me and asked if I wanted to go in and double-check the parking situation. “No thanks.” For a split-second, I was satisfied with enough excitement for one day and pondered happily returning to the safety of home. Fortunately, when I did make it t

The Day Can Only Get Better

I had optimism (maybe too much) that studying a broad three-year course in Business and management at Sussex university would help steer myself towards an interesting and strength-utilising career path. Concurrently, many friends came to realise their career aspirations through success and enjoyment in specific modules, alongside myself being constantly drilled about one dreaded question by family, friends, acquaintances, you name it – they’ll all ask the same question…’what is your plan after university?’. I however remained none the wiser of my career path. Therefore, watching looming deadlines for graduate programmes creep up became a bit of a stressful time alongside final year studies t


Although it’s summertime and you are ready for your well-deserved holiday, your business is still running and your to-do list is piling up every day. Do you need an extra hand? We’re on board to help you with your various business needs and this August with the code CATALYST50, we’re offering a new deal of 50% off for for the first 20 hours! This offer is eligible for new clients, lapsed clients and current clients seeking extra resource. The Catalyst programme now enters its 6th year and our new generation of Catalyst members are skilled, diverse and prepared to work with you. Meet the team: Arthur Jones, a masters graduate in Climate Change, Development and Policy. Alongside a passion for

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