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'Crack On:' The Brighton Summit

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to miss the previous year’s Summit’s, we’ll explain … Brighton Summit is an annual event hosted by the business networking company, Brighton Chamber, who connect 400 businesses and entrepreneurs which allows for existing relationships to be strengthened, and new relationships to be formed. It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the business community in our bustling city, whilst networking with hundreds of companies all under one roof! This year’s theme is ‘Crack On’. It’s inviting us to continue to do things the way you have done for years. Making excuses, putting off to-do lists and avoiding risk like it’s the plague is easy. But bringing

An Adventure to Come

Promised challenges and an adventure of a job to come. Driving past my usual spot on the university car park, I slowly approached upwards on the hill to the Sussex Innovation Centre. Leaving university and student life behind me (literally), I parked up to my next step, no, my next leap in life: my new graduate job as a Catalyst team member. Reflecting on the past four months of application emails, the interviews and the blur of essays, presentations and lectures in between, I was astonished that my first day was here. Panicked and uncertain about life after university, in February I searched desperately online on the Sussex Careers page for graduate jobs. Searching for a challenging and dif

Catalyst – Moving On

I can’t quite believe my year-long professional placement at the Sussex Innovation Centre is at its end. It only seems like yesterday arriving at the centre, feeling both nervous and eager (as can be expected), and starting my first full time job. It was in my initial induction where one thing stuck with me and that was to ‘own the responsibility that comes with the job’. This was my first full-time job with real responsibilities that would make a genuine impact on people. So, I took this piece of advice on board and now one year later, I’ve been responsible for helping to deliver business-related projects to over 20 different small-to-medium sized enterprises. So, what exactly did I do? My

One small step in my life, one giant leap for my journey

Sam’s Catalyst story Tuesday 3rd July, my first day. Nervous and naive, I took my first step into the world of full-time work. Within my first week, I was dropped straight into the deep end, having meetings with three different clients within the first few days. Thrilled to be given the responsibility to jump right into client work and eager to provide value, my nerves quickly settled and my confidence had grown massively just in the first few weeks. Fast forward 12 months and I have now worked with 12 different clients, completing a wide range of projects, and have made many new friendships in the process. “What do you do?” The tricky question I get asked the most. Broadly, the Catalyst Tea

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