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First Day Jitters

During possibly the most stressful year in my brief yet hectic 22 years as dissertation stress reached breaking point, I could not see an audible post-graduate path for me. However, the one person in my house who came back with a smile every day, had his life together and constantly told me how he was enjoying his job was my housemate, Cedd. Strolling in after a day of work whilst I’m sat dragging my tired eyes through William Blake gave me hope for the all-too-commonly feared post-graduate life. The reason for his relaxed and cheery state was his position on the Catalyst Team at the Sussex Innovation Centre. Whilst being a relatively free-spirited person, I was terrified at the loss of stru

First time for everything

The day had finally come, 1st August 2018 and starting my professional placement as a Catalyst Team Member at the Sussex Innovation Centre. I already had mixed feelings about starting my first ever full-time job; mixture of excitement and nervousness as can be expected. However, once I arrived at the Innovation centre and had my initial induction with both the Catalyst Programme Managers Lucy and Liam (which was quite over-whelming at first), most of my feelings shifted towards excitement. Knowing that I will ‘wear the responsibility’ as it were, is something I haven’t truly experienced before but is a challenge I am keen to take on. Not only this but being told some of the past experiences

A change of pace

I heard about Catalyst as I was approaching the end of my third year of university when Lucy mentioned it to me during a meeting that made up part of one of my module assignments. With the end of my degree, and my subsequent graduation rapidly approaching, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of what lay ahead. For the first time in over 16 years, I was acutely aware that I was weeks away from there being no structure to follow, no one to tell me what to do, and no set path for what came next and it was terrifying. Despite my wealth of work experience, ranging across multiple industries from childcare, to retail, to hospitality, and an extensive list of skills I had developed over my degree, I

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