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Brighton's No1 GDPR Consultant

Entering the SINC building for the first time I was not as nervous as I thought I would be, largely down to the familiar setting of campus, along with the fact Id been chasing Catalyst for any sort of work experience since my first year in Sussex, it was more a relief. Excited and eager to find out my first client, I jumped through the induction hoops waiting to hear what it would be. ‘Be professional, don’t be late for work, health and safety is important……GDPR’. Having never heard this abbreviation before, it innocently fell upon deaf ears. None the wiser I carried on with my induction before I found out Id be a new full-time recruit for the new General Data Protection Regulation. One week

Snapshot of the future

Tuesday 3rd July, my first day. I woke up 30 minutes before my 7 am alarm bursting with both excitement and nervousness about what was to come in the next 24 hours and the next year in general. Despite me being up earlier than usual university days, I had a surprising wave of energy and enthusiasm about diving into my new world of full-time employment, and a dive it was. Arriving at the Falmer office my nervousness was quickly settled by friendly faces and welcoming smiles around the reception area. Then it was on to the part I was dreading. Remembering names. There is probably more chance of football coming home than me remembering everyone’s name straightaway. However, with everyone’s quic

From Sushi to Sinc

The transition period from my previous job of assistant-manager at a busy sushi restaurant (which had me running around on my feet all day long) to my new role in the Catalyst team was short but sweet. I finished at my last job on the Sunday evening, the Monday in-between was spent getting up at 5am to take part in some activism and then cuddling rescued animals at a sanctuary, and by 11:30am on Tuesday I was sat in a meeting at the Sussex Innovation Centre with my first client! This meant I had very little time to get consumed by stress and worry, leaving me coming into the office on my first day with a clear head and excitement to start my next chapter. I find it interesting that the first

1311 Hours Later. A Definitive Guide to Making the Most out of Catalyst

When I first joined Catalyst in June 2017, I was but a clueless Romanian boy who just finished his second year of his History and Sociology degree. Honestly, I had no idea how I even managed to get the Catalyst job. To an extent you could say I was the human embodiment of those insects who fly aimlessly around your room, with no purpose, just chasing the light of your essay-scarred laptop. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and more importantly, I had no idea how to apply my degree in the real world. Honestly, before Catalyst, I always imagined that I would become a secluded historian, who, like a modern hermit would only get out of his cave to buy coffee and biscuits. But enough

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