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Overcoming Preconceptions in the Workplace: Sussex Innovation Centre

Coming out of university is a daunting thought. The days of Falmer bar, £2 pints and all-night library sessions are over, and instead you’re faced with career options, possibilities of relocating, and suddenly having to pay council tax. It’s a stressful time, and that’s before you’ve even considered some of the hurdles you might face in your first position, particularly if you’re a woman. There is a clear gender imbalance in many popular work sectors. While fields such as teaching, recruitment and marketing have become relatively equal, other industries such as tech are severely behind, with just 17% of the technology industry workforce made up of women. We all understand that women are just

My First Month

It had been a whole month since I had excitedly confirmed my place with the Catalyst team when my first day suddenly came around. You can try and prepare all you want; an early night sleep, a good dinner, a read-over of the website but when your body clock decides a 5 o’clock wake up is in order, there’s nothing much you can do. Unable to get back to sleep due to a mixture of nerves and excitement I decided I could use these hours to fuel up big time. The expression ‘jump in with both feet’ is something I would advise to all people starting this job because if you don’t jump, you’re certainly pushed. Right from the off I found out I had 7 clients already and was immediately glad for the big

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