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Diving in at the deep end

Starting on a Tuesday, I spent the Monday manically preparing and worrying about my first day of employment. This would be my first time stepping in to the real world and starting at my first ‘proper job’. My first day was in the Croydon office, thankfully not far from where my grandparents live, allowing me to start the day relaxed after being cared for by my Nan. Filled to the brim after breakfast, I headed off to East Croydon for my first day in the big wide world. After arriving at the office, I was relieved to find out that Lauren was also starting on the same day. It was nice to be in the same boat as someone else and after a couple hours of induction, we were dropped in at the deep e

An unexpected first day

My first day at Catalyst was not what I was expecting. Instead of going to Falmer, I found myself on a train to East Croydon amongst the weary eyed travellers of the 7.48 train from Brighton, it had been raining that morning too. But by the time I arrived at Croydon the weather had changed and the sun was starting to show its face. Obviously, I am rather nervous about my first day on the job, but I power on, after all I am coming to Catalyst so that I can experience a range of business practices and how they operate in an attempt to figure out what I might want to do in the future as a career after I changed my mind about doing a PhD. So, I make my way up to the 11th floor of One Croydon whe

The Beginning of the End

My first day on the Catalyst Team...could this mark the beginning of the end? My days as a carefree student are over (temporarily - I’ll be back in a year), and so are the joys of mid week nights at the pub, and late lie ins. The time has finally come to take my first steps towards a career and join the big and scary world of business. The last to join the Catalyst Team (they saved the best till last) or what is now being called the “Terrifying Ten” because we’ve got so much potential it's terrifying - after a warm welcome to the team it became immediately obvious that the world of business isn’t too scary at all...or at least not with Catalyst anyway. All the worries I had carried with me

“So, what is it you do?”

Over the course of my year working on the Catalyst programme, this was a question I received a lot, from anyone and everyone, ranging from prospective and current clients to intrigued relatives and acquaintances. The response to that question would nearly always end up producing more questions than answers. In short, we work with growing companies on a flexible basis, using graduate skills to help businesses in areas where they might need an extra pair of hands. Not the catchiest of slogans, nor does it quite capture the excitement generated by the work we do. Sometimes we work with start-ups, but we also work with more established companies. We work on academic projects from the University

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