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Bring on the Wall

When the alarm went off at 7 that morning, it wasn’t met with my usual indignation of “why am I awake at this ungodly hour?” but instead a real drive to actually pull myself out of my bed. For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, finding energy early in the day can be a struggle for me but this was my first day working at the Innovation centre and I was filled with enthusiasm, coupled with a touch of fear because first impressions are key and you only get one chance. I knew, from talking to the people working there at my interviews, that the Innovation centre was filled with friendly faces, which is often quite a rare thing to take away from an interview, and so this eased my nerves slightly as

Looking Back on 11 Months with Catalyst

Time flies. It’s a common phrase, but it really does feel like yesterday that I arrived at SInC in early September 2016 without much of a clue what I’d be doing for the next 11 months. Having just recently graduated with a first-class BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, I had a strong understanding of a lot of theoretical things, but not enough practical knowledge. I accepted a position here because it offered me a variety of businesses areas to dive into – perfect for the indecisive graduate – and for the ability to apply my theoretical knowledge and computing proficiency in a realistic setting whilst learning about the operations of actual businesses. For someone who needed a nice big

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