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Challenge Catalyst - how can we help your company grow in 2017?

It was noted this month by Nigel Davey from SME Needs that there is a lack of me in our Catalyst team photos and on our new website. This is partly as I absolutely hate being photographed, but mainly as I want to showcase our team and their achievements - they are the stars of this show. It’s a stance once taken by Alfred Hitchcock, or more recently Stan Lee – much as I would love to be Iron Man, I’m going to just pop up in cameos and be doing all I can behind the scenes to ensure my team are Oscar worthy. I get my motivation through the recognition and on-going success of my team, and the great feedback we receive from the growing list of organisations we are helping with their to-do lists.

7 Months in: holiday blues and some New Year's resolutions

Password. “Ragnar? No, I haven’t watched that show in ages. Duvel? No that was the beer I had last night, smuggled back from Belgium… Come on Callum, you know this one!”. This is how my first day of work in 2017 started. It also marks my 7th month Anniversary of working at the Sussex Innovation Centre, woohoo! Luckily we agreed not to buy each other anything until at least 1 year, as the only thing I can think of getting SInC is better weather, but I have come to understand that all of England is quite grey for about 11 months of the year, and that if we were blessed with more sun, the Brits would lose their excuse to drink tea at any time of the day, which might actually cripple the tea ind

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