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The peak of my week

On Friday the 14th of October I – and three other Catalyst members had the privilege of assisting the Brighton Chamber of Commerce with their annual Brighton Summit. For the uninitiated, this event predominantly consists of listening to some highly inspirational people, and eating copious amounts of delicious food. In more detail: the event is geared towards helping businessmen and businesswomen improve themselves and their business through a variety of talks and workshops. It’s fun and informal and provides a great platform for networking. The theme this year was “your desires, dreams and real business”. There were three keynote speakers. First up were Camilla Stephens and Mark Campbell of

Catalyst - Two days

The first day in a new job always presents an exciting, if somewhat daunting, prospect. My opening day with the Catalyst team was, in that sense, no different, although having your first day land on the annual team training day presented a particularly unique challenge. I arrived at SINC as the final member of this year’s Catalyst team intake, having spent most of the summer working on my MA thesis. I introduced myself to the team by way of a 10-minute presentation ‘about yourself’, my instructions from Lucy, the Catalyst Programme Manager, extending no further than that. What better way to introduce yourself to a room of total strangers than by reflecting upon your past successes and failur

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