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Swimming Lessons

I first heard about the Catalyst programme in November last year. I had just started the final year of my Physics BSc, and I’d come to the conclusion that I definitely didn’t want to stay in academia. This was quite a big deal for me, as I’d been talking about becoming some form of scientist since I was about 16 years old. It turns out 16 year old me didn’t know what she was talking about. Thankfully I attended a talk given by the careers advisors of the physics department (shout out to Kathy and Sarah! Even though you’re probably not reading this), which was specifically about careers for physics students outside of academia. They spoke about Catalyst, and it sounded almost too good to be

My first week at Catalyst - Paul

I joined the Catalyst team at the beginning of September following an extensive break after graduation to develop some practical skills, work on my writing and take a less-productive two week break on a tropical beach. Even after all that, I was eager to get stuck in to operations at the Innovation Centre. It excited me, and still does, to be working at a dynamic place with the opportunity to establish and build abilities in a range of business-focused areas. One of the main aspects of the Catalyst programme that appealed to me was being able to spend time in that positive, creative start-up atmosphere where every effort made a significant contribution, and I hoped it would live up to my exp

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