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Dry Patch

Working on the Catalyst team means a lot of variety in terms of clients, and usually when you’re given a new project you also find yourself learning about a completely new sector. However, when I met Chris Gomez aka Dry Patch in April, I felt at home. We were sitting in Grind in Covent Garden sipping artisan coffee and discussing commuting on two wheels. I left our first meeting buzzing because Chris’s product was targeted to a group of people I had a lot in common with, and hence my new project was to become a mixture of work and fun. ​The name Dry Patch raises a lot of questions and eyebrows, but it is exactly what it stands for—nothing less, nothing more. Dry Patch is a brand for the cool

Mastering the World of Work

I’ve always liked the idea of being referred to as a ‘Master’ and I’m pleased to announce that £7,500 worth of tuition fees later, I’ll hopefully have finally earned that coveted title. After finishing my dissertation of course… As a part-time student studying an MA in Digital Media, like the vast majority of my generation, I’ve had to juggle my studies around full-time work. When a lucky break on scratch cards never materialised, I found myself in every student’s favourite destination – the pub. Although, this time I was the other side of the bar for once. During my first year of study I worked night shifts pouring pints and spent my days poring over academic articles – most of which ma

My First Week - Adam Rage

I applied to the Catalyst Team with an enthusiasm for Innovation and a preparedness for a variety of tasks. Engaging, challenging and eventful are just some of the words I would use to describe my time with the Catalyst team so far. As an intern, I expected that I would be spoon fed over the first few days, though fortunately this was not the case. Being able to talk to clients and feeling comfortable in the workplace were roles I only dreamt of being able to do. I feel like I’m learning something new every day: I have understood how to conduct a formal email, something I was unaware of how to do before; I am applying things which I have been learning through my business course into the work

An unusual start with the Catalyst Team

I’m quite sure that I had a rather unusual first week as part of the Catalyst team at SInC. My first day was almost fully devoted to the team moving office within the building. I heard stories from the ‘old office’ during this process, but all I saw was how it was taken apart, hearing cries as paint was peeled off the wall, laptop chargers mysteriously disappeared temporarily and a conundrum was had over mismatching wireless mice and keyboards. Before I knew it, the working day had ended and I was cycling home under the commonly absent British sun. ​ The following day the office was fully set up and I was provided with a laptop, email account and everything else that I would need. I was re

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