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Do Something Different grows with Catalyst

This spring has already brought about loads of exciting new projects, one of which me and Chris are currently working on together. Luckily our new client, Do Something Different, needed two people to take over Catalyst veteran Luke Baldwin’s role at the company, and the dynamic duo we were known as while working for Local Puzzle remained intact. Instead of doing field sales and targeting small independent retailers, we now form a lead generation and marketing unit that keeps their eyes peeled for new corporate prospects. We joined Do Something Different at a very interesting moment. Previously the company had been focusing on tailoring behaviour change programmes for corporations and the pub

Seven Months on the Catalyst Team: Where am I now?

It's June 2016, I'm sitting in our office on the Sussex University campus watching students rush to their final exams. Most of them have no clue what they want to do once they come face to face with the harsh reality that university is over and every overdraft has a limit. A year ago that was me, and although I had a vague idea of my skills and interests, I still had no proper direction. My main issue back then was, as I now have realised, the lack of focus and confidence. However, the kind of confidence and focus I needed was the kind you can only truly gain from experience. This refers back to the classic paradox most young people encounter when they are trying to get hired: you need exper

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