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Eyes wide opened

Being part of the Catalyst Team always ensures that you will get to partake in some great experiences whether from a work perspective or extra-curricular. Our most recent adventure involved a Two Day workshop with Alistair Creamer and Anna from Eyes Wide Opened. The first day we housed them in our seminar room within SINC and the second day we met up with them at Barclays Eagle Labs in Brighton. We had all been left in the dark over what to expect; all that Lucy had told us was that we had a two-day workshop that would be good fun and ‘a bit deep’. I think this left a few members of the team feeling quite concerned and the others were intrigued. The session started with us listening to A

The Importance of... what was it..? Oh yeah, Reflection!

My name is Nico, I am a Uruguayan International Business Student about to finish my placement year at the Catalyst Team; a badass team of students that help companies with their start-up plans at the Sussex Innovation Centre. My role this year has had a lot to do with visualisation, creating marketing content, 3D rendering, and actual visualising of projects. Throughout my year here I have constantly been looking forward into the future. Partly because visualisation of anything is normally done so for something coming up in the future. So, reflection and general moments of thinking about the past or things I have gone through in my year rarely entered my thoughts. But towards the end of my y

That time again?

This week Nico leaves the team for a long summer off before coming back for his final year of his International Business degree, it marks the first of this in-take leaving naturally after Jack used his experience to bag a great job in London earlier in the year. A year of Catalyst is an intense experience for everyone, the team member will work with around a dozen companies in some way – from longer term on-going projects to ad hoc requirements and I am here to help support them and the company along the way. In a few months a team member will gain more variety than most of us do in the first few years of our career – building new skills, learning what they enjoy and what they don’t in a u

The Catalyst Scheme and Graduate Employability

The University of Sussex recently ranked 8th on the Complete University Guide's leader-board for top graduate prospects, which is "a measure of the employability of a university's first degree graduates" as reported in this Business Insider article This is, of course, great news. As university becomes increasingly accessible to everybody, graduate career prospects are fast becoming another major priority for the country's top academic institutions. Universities and department-run careers centres forge links with the country's top employers in a bid to secure special relationships, and promote their talented graduates via careers fairs or 'meet and greets'. The University of Sussex ranking in

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