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One day a week

During the week I share my time between being a Catalyst Team Member and a Psychology undergraduate. I usually spend one day a week at Sussex Innovation Centre, and four days studying. The Catalyst Team doesn’t hire part time team members, but as I was going into second year, I was lucky enough to be offered a role on a part time basis. Balancing my time between the two worlds offers a unique set of opportunities for my time in Brighton. In September I started my second year at the University of Sussex. This included learning about the chemistry of neurotransmitter receptors in ‘Brain and Behaviour’, the evolution of language in humans in ‘Cognitive Psychology’, a variety of statistical an

Friday Focus Playlist

Do you need that extra push to get you through to the end of the week? Here are some of the Catalyst Team and Support Team's favourite songs to keep us focused on a Friday.

Project Spotlight: Be Street Smart

Be Street Smart are not just changing the way people move home, they are making the entire buying and selling process enjoyable. As well as a game-changing online portal, Be Street Smart employ Local Property Gurus with years of experience. These Gurus are with buyers or sellers every step of the way, from listing to completion to everything in between! Be Street Smart imagine a hassle free moving day, Guru on hand and Wi-Fi at the ready. They have developed an exciting property platform powered by great technology and outstanding people working hard to make every aspect of moving home better, with less hassle, lower costs and more service. This amazing service is available at your fingertip

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