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Project Spotlight: Local Puzzle

I had big shoes to fill when I started working for Local Puzzle a couple of months ago. As members of the Catalyst Team, Jack and Chris had doubled the number of premium businesses by the time Jack was ready to move on and they had taken Local Puzzle towards a period of strategic expansion. I was the new Jack and I was going to be an ambassador of Local Puzzle and a part of the two-man sales team. Two months later I’m a devout Puzzler committed to spreading the initiative together with Chris and we’re only just getting started! Local Puzzle is the brainchild of its founder and CEO Anthony Stonham, who was concerned about the fate of his home town Horsham. During the credit crunch in 2013,

Catalyst Leavers

Spring is always a time for change in the Catalyst office and 2016 is no different. Luke, Jack and Jack all ‘graduated’ from the office, Jack Akers and Luke Baldwin members of the first cohort, whilst Jack Clark joined as a member of the second intake. Losing valuable members of the team is never easy – but the guys are moving on to face some amazing challenges. The ever vibrant Jack Akers, a business student from Sussex who completed both a part time year and some full time work with Catalyst, has left to work in sales for Brandwatch - the social media marketing and online analysis giants based in Brighton. Anyone who met or worked with Jack A in his time here will know that this role is

The Tour of a Lifetime

In a normal working week I balance my time between being a Catalyst Team Member and a Psychology student at the University of Sussex. However, this summer I will be having a drastically different experience. I will be taking 40 sixteen-year-olds on a tour of Israel. For the last nine years I have been involved in summer camps for a Jewish youth movement. Usually these take place in remote corners of Wales. However, this this time, its 40 hormonal adolescents on a Middle Eastern summer break, a five-hour flight away from Mum and Dad! What is it? ‘Israel Tour’ is seen as a major opportunity for young Jews to engage with their religion and the country so central to it. But we (the leaders)

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