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Catalyst in Sweden

The nature of the Catalyst programme provides plenty of opportunities to participate in projects that wouldn’t be available on a normal placement year. The range of clients in a multitude of industries allows for such variety that month to month the work required can fluctuate dramatically, as I came to realise in June of 2015. During my time as a member of the Catalyst team, I worked with IKAWA coffee, inventors of the world’s first digital micro coffee roasters. IKAWA had been preparing for the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their Home Roaster, allowing customers to roast their coffee beans like a professional from their own home. I was supporting the marketing side of their campai

Returning to Final Year

Returning to the University bubble after a placement year was always going to be an interesting challenge. After an enjoyable year working as part of the Catalyst Team at the Sussex Innovation Centre I have returned to the University of Sussex to complete my final year studying Business Management. Alongside my studies I have continued to work as a member of the team on a part time basis supporting both the Centre in its operations and a client I worked with last year. When I started my placement in September 2014, I had some idea of the benefits it would bring; future employment prospects, independence and improved workplace skills, but I had not foreseen the extent of the impact it would h

Making a 1,599,900 % profit - Sylvia Gregory & Luke Baldwin

Just before Christmas the Catalyst team were lucky enough to have Simon Chuter, the Sussex Innovation Centre’s Sales and Marketing Advisor deliver a sales training day. The day was packed full of advice, anecdotes and exercises that sparked debate and enthusiasm. Reflecting upon preconceptions, I think it would be fair to say that at points a lot of people, including myself, see sales as the black sheep of the family, a necessary evil that more often than not creates awkward and forced interactions. True enough when we were asked to come up with a few adjectives that best describe a stereotypical Salesperson words such as pushy and sleazy came up. An interesting paradox, as there was also

The relationship between charity and social media

Since the astronomical growth of social media the relationship between charity and social media has been a fascinating one - long may it continue. Despite its successes though every new campaign come the cries of ‘armchair activist’ and ‘slacktivism’, ‘what good will participating do’ and ‘how many people actually donate’. With that in mind here are some of the successes: END7: How to Shock a Celebrity This campaign, started by a charity that aims to end the plight of tropical diseases, started with a key problem for charity engagement. With charity advertising that shows images or video of the plight of those involved, it can make the viewer uncomfortable and a lot of people will turn away

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