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How to learn a language if you’re too British for your own good

I've always considered it somewhat ironic that a person so linguistically stunted as myself could be born into a bilingual family. No matter how hard my parents/teachers tried, my brain maintained its stringent one-language policy. It was almost as if my innate Britishness had cast out my French heritage completely. For many years, it was nigh impossible to persuade me to speak in anything but my mother tongue, in fact, I was of the distinct belief that there were only two languages in this world: English and English spoken loudly and deliberately. So what momentous feat do you reckon cajoled me into learning French? Job in Paris? Romantic flame from Montpellier? Non! For me, it was one q

Sharing Catalyst Scheme success and challenges at ASET 2015

Ian Pierson is Placement Co-Ordinator (Business, Management and Economics (Professional Services)) I was very pleased to have recently presented at the ASET Annual Conference with my colleague, Joanna Budd, at the University of Exeter. ASET is the Work Based and Placement Learning Association of the UK and one of the key organisations I turn to in my role as Business Liaison Manager for the School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) at the University of Sussex. This year the conference attracted approximately 200 representatives coming from Universities throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada. The theme of the conference this year was Positive Placement Partnerships, so I was ex

Marshmallows and meetings

My first day as a Catalyst member started outside of The Innovation Centre. I was lucky enough to join the team at their training day in IRIS Connect’s Brighton office. Walking through the automatic doors of the building I started feeling first day jitters – this being the first time I would meet my new co-workers. As I was guided through the workspace I took in the huge open-plan office, decorated in typical Brighton style with a flashy colour scheme and a fridge full of beers. I scanned the room, which of these would be my new workmates? Then I spotted Lucy, my new team manager, who ushered me toward a group of people congregated around a selection of cakes – here was the team. After

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