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First day nerves and lots of goodbyes

As the old team go back to their studies, or on to jobs, I have a lot of first days with the new team ahead. I love seeing the nerves, excitement and rabbit in headlights expression – so keen to make a good first impression, remember every name and demonstrate how right we were to give them a place on the team. The simple, honest, enthusiasm is contagious, the remaining Catalyst team members are reminded how they felt when they started, and hopefully of how much they are enjoying their role and the senior members of the team also share the energy, a new school term buzz is going around the office! The flip side is saying goodbye to the ground breakers – the first ever Catalyst team – w

Reactions of a Catalyst

Besides sleeping, eating and investing a slightly worrying amount of time and effort in steering Brighton and Hove Albion to the heights of the Premier League on FIFA, my main weekend activity this year has been building, restoring and now riding retro road bikes. So whilst browsing the Twittersphere I was excited to hear about a monthly bike jumble sale ran by Velo Café in Brighton. Having slightly less expendable income to splurge on bike parts than the typical MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra), naturally I was excited to investigate and grab a bargain bit of second hand clobber. So that Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 8:30, (an achievement in itself) and headed down to have

Beach Volleyball July 2015

The Sussex Innovation Centre fielded two beach volleyball teams at the University of Sussex staff competition - we came 3rd and 7th of 8 teams, but the team who came 7th missed two matches due to late arrivals so overall we were pretty chuffed! We'll be playing more later in the summer, it was great fun.

Do placement years make you more employable?

I always knew before going to University that a professional placement year would greatly enhance my experience and employability when graduating. To the extent that it has I could not have predicted! Obviously it was not all sunshine and roses, the application process alone can be enough to make you give up on the idea, so perseverance is crucial to be successful. Once you receive the, what seems at the time, elusive job offer all of the hard work and hours of applications become a distant memory. I worked for a small organisation based in Horsham, thinking that a small company would offer more responsibility and have more personality than a large organisation. Working in a team of around

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