BSc Business and Management (hons)

Before commencing her studies in Business and Management, Beth had never set foot in Brighton. But since she arrived at the University of Sussex in September 2015, she’s never looked back. In moving from the chilled Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire to the buzzing bubble of Brighton, Beth has found her home.


Back in Bucks, she has an unexpected history; immediately after finishing her GCSE’s at school, she began working part-time in a hairdressing salon, and before she knew it, two years had passed and she was qualifying as a hairdresser after completing an apprenticeship. Beth then enrolled at college to get back to what she means: Business.


After recently graduating with a 1st class degree, she is eager to immerse herself in the world of entrepreneurship, and is looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals and hoping to have a positive impact on the innovative businesses she will work with here on the Catalyst team. Alongside many other skills, her course gave her invaluable experience of how to work collaboratively in a team, and sparked inside of her the passion to create her own business, with a special focus on business ethics.


Alongside her studies, Beth was working as an assistant manager of a thriving sushi burrito restaurant in Brighton, adding to her extensive experience of working in the fast-paced environments and customer facing roles of the service sector. She is a keen activist and in her spare time she loves to get involved in the Brighton zero-waste and vegan communities, attending Animal Rights activism events and discovering new ways to reduce her impact on the environment.


What Beth is most looking forward to about her time at the Sussex Innovation Centre is building relationships with others and finding people who have a burning passion for what they are perusing, no matter what that may be, and using her skills wherever she can to help them get there.


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