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AudioGravity are specialists in audio clarity technology, particularly for the reduction of wind noise interference and distortion.

This audio clarity technology has been developed to allow uncompromised implementation into smart phones, cameras (including wearable and extreme-action video cameras), hearing aids, music players, military and life critical communication devices, and general communications electronic devices. 

​The earliest task in this role required researching and understanding the technology behind this innovation. This role has meant working with AudioGravity Founder and Director, David Herman, in helping to organise and provide support and advice on his patent, the patent filing process, corporate governance and legal research. This also included managing deadlines, formalities, and communication with the company’s lawyers.

The second aspect of the role involved testing and showcasing the technology. This entailed technical skills of measuring the efficacy of the technology. Currently, AudioGravity are commissioning a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) demo in order to fully showcase the product.


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