Arjun Thakkar 

BSC Finance & Business 

Arjun is a recent BSc Finance and Business graduate from the University of Sussex. His degree included but was not limited to working with numbers, marketing techniques and analyzing financial statements. He has joined the Catalyst team in order to enhance as well as effectively use these skills and techniques in the workplace.

Being from India and having work experience in three different countries (India, USA and England), Arjun has been able to experience different work cultures providing him with valuable exposure to different backgrounds and styles. With Sussex Innovation Centre working with clients from different cultures and backgrounds, he believes he can showcase this experience and skill to shine in the workplace.

Arjun has had experience in marketing and strategy development in the manufacturing and wholesale sector during his time in India. This experience helped him gain and apply valuable skills like critical thinking and planning to excel at tasks like researching about the relevant target market and audience for the product or undertaking crucial pricing decisions by analyzing the pricing of the substitute products and the consumer demand in the market. He looks to use this experience on the Catalyst Team while working for its cliental base.

During his time at the University of Sussex, Arjun has worked as a student mentor and ambassador, where on open and applicant visit days he showed and spoke to prospective students about life at University of Sussex, on other days he guided students academically, as well as helping new students to settle in and have a positive experience in their student life.

Outside of work and study, Arjun plays cricket and was the player of the season for the University of Sussex Cricket Club in his first year. He has keen interest and actively trades in the equity market, cryptocurrencies as well as the forex market. Some of his favorite bands are AC/DC and Guns n Roses. Going out for food and drinks in Brighton is one of Arjun’s favourite things to do during his free time.


Arjun is looking forward to continue his learning and find new opportunities while working with the Catalyst Team. He seeks to link his analytical skills, exposure of working with diverse cultures and working with numbers, to contribute towards the success of the Catalyst Team and the Sussex Innovation Centre.