Amy Maginnis

BSc Psychology

Amy is a recent Psychology graduate from the University of Sussex. She moved further up the beach from Portsmouth to Brighton to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Whilst Amy enjoyed her course, it gradually became apparent that a career in the field of science wasn’t for her. It wasn’t until during a consumer psychology module, that her attention was diverted to the world of business.

After the realisation that she no longer wanted to become a clinical psychologist, Amy applied to various summer internships to explore further career paths. She was given an incredible opportunity to work at Barclay’s international headquarters in Canary Wharf as a Risk Analyst. This involved analysing the UK’s fraud statistics, producing reports and working on logical solutions. Whilst a career as a risk analyst was not for Amy, she gained valuable skills and insights which can be applied to a career within business.

Aside from spending most of her working life behind a checkout (working at Tesco whilst at home and Sainsbury’s whilst at university), Amy also began working in the social media marketing team at ROX PR; the South Coast’s largest promotion company, specialising in student events. Her passion for creating engaging social media content led to promotion to social media manager after her first year in the role. She led a small team of students and implemented innovative social media strategies which subsequently increased event attendance. Since then, Amy has taken a hands-on approach within the company, and has helped organise and run successful club events and music festivals, such as Boundary Brighton and Wildlife festival.

When Amy is not busy organising festivals, she loves attending them! House music has played a large part in her social life, with Amy attending as many events and festivals throughout the year as her bank account will allow her to. Amy combines her passion for music with her love for travel and experiencing new cultures, and has travelled abroad for various music events.

Amy is eager to fully immerse herself in projects at the Sussex Innovation Centre, and network with ambitious, likeminded individuals. The prospect of a new challenge excites Amy and she is looking forward to developing more of an insight into the specific area of business she’d like to further pursue.