Amy Blewitt

BA English Literature

Amy has recently graduated from the University of Sussex, and her degree in English has allowed her to explore a vast range of topics. From the relationship between Science and Literature in first year, to the Anthropology of Sexuality in second year, and her dissertation on Surveillance and Performativity in Dystopian Literature in final year (in which she was awarded a first), Amy is excited to take the next step and apply the knowledge she 

acquired at University within a professional context through joining the Catalyst Team, where she is also looking forward to gaining new skills.  


Through completing work experience at a Financial Advisers Firm, despite hoping to work within the Publishing sector to support her degree, Amy was able to step away from safety and take on tasks in a field that was previously foreign to her. This had a lasting impact on Amy’s work ethic as it proved to her that some of her best work is achieved outside of her comfort zone. Amy feels that the Catalyst Scheme will allow her to continue to try new things and challenge herself daily.  


Back home in London, Amy has worked as a waitress at a family-run café for the past three years where she has been able to experience first-hand the growth of a small business. Joining the company when they had newly relocated, she helped them rebuild their network of regular customers and promote their brand. This fuelled Amy’s interest in helping start-ups and small businesses grow, and she believes that her role at the Sussex Innovation Centre will give her the perfect opportunity to continue to do this.  


In her spare time, Amy can either be found with a book or a beer (or sometimes both). Her studies in English have solidified her passion for literature and there a few things she loves more than a good book; Amy particularly appreciates the accomplishment that comes from finishing an especially demanding novel as well as the ability to educate herself on important issues like race and sexuality through the enjoyment of reading.  Amy also loves socialising with her friends and meeting new people, and she is extremely happy to be able to continue her journey in a city as diverse as Brighton while working for the Catalyst Team.