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Ambiental is an established specialist in international flood modelling and flood risk management. Their aim is to give people the insight they need to make better decisions about flooding.

By providing advanced tools, data, digital maps and expert advice on flood risk assessment and management, Ambiental help to predict the location and severity of flooding, prevent damage, and protect lives, property and assets.


Ambiental used the Catalyst Team to help spread workload of the company secretary and the technical manager. Nico began assisting Ambiental with the planning of an event that took place in Lloyd's Bank December 2015.  

This task has evolved into follow up and potential lead generations for the company. Nico eased the pressure of the event by taking on a range of tasks from invitee list generation, to data mining, and an overall update of the companies CRM. 
The company continued to utilise Nico for a range of marketing and lead generation tasks, as well as further responsibilities.


In January 2018 Ambiental hired our team member Francis Jans after he became a valuable member of their team, a great success for our programme, Francis and our member!



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